Student Visa - Advice From a UK Immigration Lawyer
By Gazala Rashid

Foreign students who have no indefinite leave to remain in the UK or students from countries other than EEA need a student visa if they wish to study in the United Kingdom. If this is your case, then

1. Get an admission letter from a UK institution.

o Start by choosing a study plan with at least 15 hours per week. The same institution must offer these. Evening classes do not count.

o Make sure you can demonstrate that you will be able to follow the course, generally speaking, that you have the necessary financial support to pay the fees required by the institution.

o Gather all the documentation you can find to show that you will not need to depend on public funds for your maintenance, including any dependents. Bank statements will help. Maybe a letter from your sponsor, if you have one, will do too; and one from friends or relatives already in the UK willing to help and support you will add some credibility.

o Also, whenever possible, get a receipt from your institution. Showing that you paid the fees in advance also pays when it comes to visa issues, especially if you have an unconditional admittance offer from an approved UK institution.

2. Find an immigration lawyer in the UK. Yes, you can go through the entire process on your own; however, visa matters and UK immigration law are complex and your chances improve exponentially if you hire a competent lawyer.

3. Apply for a visa online or at the nearest British embassy in your country.

o Download the form from the UK Border Agency: http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk

To submit a visa application online successfully, gather the following BEFORE logging in to the UK Border Agency website:

o passport number

o photograph

o visa fee

4. Get an interview date.

If you submit a visa application online, at the end of the process you will get a date for an interview at the nearest embassy. As you wait for this important date, all the submitted documentation will pass a screening process; meanwhile, you can learn how to introduce yourself. To have a good chance, you need to impress your interviewer favorably.

The immigration officer at the embassy will ask questions to find out:

a) whether you intend to work or do business. Foreigners cannot work in the UK without permit; as a student, you will not get such authorization.

b) whether you intend to stay in the UK after finishing your course. The government expects foreign students to return to their countries of origin (unless they meet certain criteria).

How do you demonstrate your willingness to return to your country? Usually, you need to show some form of ties to your homeland; for instance: property you own (land, home or business). Other evidence could be a letter from an employer stating that the company or organization will preserve the post for you until you return from a study leave. This could work if you have a high quality job (one you would hardly quit).


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